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We have purchased many vehicles and the last 4 have been at Dahl. We will never go anywhere else and we are referring all of our friends and family there. The staff is outstanding and treat you with the upmost respect. They answer questions, help a person decide and are very honest.

James, Eastman, WI


LOVED the pleasant and polite service members, requested service was done in very quickly, and the waiting area was outstanding! Fantastic overall experience.



We were impressed with the professionalism and knowledge that Susan showed. Also the teamwork that took place in working with us on our trade-in. All around very positive experience. Will be recommending your dealership to everyone we know. Thanks Susan!

Sharon from Winona,Dahl Toyota


The level of professionalism is above and beyond any auto dealership that I have ever dealt with.  All of the employees, from sales to parts and service, were helpful, thoughtful and they genuinely made me feel like by business was important to them.  HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

Michael from West Salem,Dahl Toyota


Just a note to tell you how incredibly pleased I am with Dahl Auto in general and Allan Fukuda in particular.  I just purchased a new Subaru Impreza (wonderful car) from Allan in which I had special needs.  Hand controls needed to be installed.  This is a process I never relish.  Well, I quite honestly had to do nothing but sit back and relax until my new car was ready for me.  Allan did all the work.  Living with a disability, I can't emphasize enough how much this means to me.  Seamless and painless is not always doable given my situation, but in this case, it was just that.  Thanks for a wonderful experience and a big thanks to Allan Fukuda

Larry from Stoddard,La Crosse Sales Team


Mr. Hauser was excellent, we purchased this vehicle for our son, who is in High School and Mr. Hauser was excellent with him and offered Jonathan additional help if needed with the sync system or any other concerns he had. At this time it would seem that Jonathan has the whole sync thing figured out, but we will not hesitate to take Mr. Hauser up on his offer if we do indeed need anything. THANK YOU for all your kind service.

Deborah from Holmen,La Crosse Sales Team


I was very happy with the way Mr. Eric Morken handled the sale of the wonderful Ford Mustang.  He did a super job and I am very happy with Dahl Automotive and the way they handled everything!

Courtland from St Lois, MO,Dahl Ford


I like the pre-service walk around. I also like the straight forwardness of the staff; no suggestions of work that DOESN'T need to be done. This gives me TRUST in your facility!!!

James from LaCrescent,Onalaska Sales and Service


Ken Koeller was an excellent salesman. He did everything and beyond of what we needed. It was great new van purchase experience. I am glad that we purchased locally and were treated the way we were.

We had a great experience all around at Dahl Toyota. We definitely will return to the dealership and will recommend it to family and friends.

Kevin from Fountain City,Dahl Toyota


I like it that all the people at Dahl always smile and say hi - a friendly place.

Rae from Sparta,Onalaska Service


I love Jeff Krause! He is the best salesperson ever. I've purchased/leased my last four vehicles from him and drive down from Minneapolis just to deal with him.

Kelly from Minneapolis,La Crosse Sales Team


I wanted to take a minute to tell you that I appreciate Dahl Automotive.

My husband and I moved to La Crosse nearly three years ago.  We left one of our cars in Arkansas (from where we moved) and purchase a 2006 Mazda 5 from Morries immediately upon our arrival.  We appreciated doing business with Morries and was sorry to see them leave as they were one of the first businesses we had dealt with here.

Since we have been taking our Mazda 5 to Dahl, we are so pleased at the service we have received from you.  The service department is always friendly and professional.  The waiting area is very clean and comfortable - and thank you for the kid area as my 4 and 5 year old are always with me when I need an oil change.

Yesterday I took the Mazda 5 to the Dahl auto body repair shop because we had a small scrape in the back.  The gentleman at the auto body repair shop rubbed the excess paint off the scrape (which really helped the way it looked), and had a bottle of touch of paint made. He then put the first coat of touch up paint on for me and showed me what to do for the additional coats.

He said it was $5 for 2 ounces.  I told him I did not have $5 cash on me but I could write a check or use a credit card.  He said just to drop off the $5 another time.  He gave me the paint and a bottle of clear coat.

I think that is above and beyond customer service.  He did not have to do any of that.  He did more than I expected.  I thought I might buy some touch up paint, but had no idea I'd drive away with the scrape on the van practically gone and nearly fixed.

Thank you for customer care I have received.  It certainly makes me not hesitate to keep coming back to Dahl.

Jennifer from La Crosse,Dahl Superior Auto body


Dear Dan Swift,
March 24, 2010 I became the proud owner of a used Subaru Outback at your LaCrosse Dahl Auto Dealership.  It might not sound like much to you, but it is to me.  My car has never been "an extension of me".  My car has always been just transportation.  I have never actually chosen a car that I wanted; it has always been the car on the lot that happened to fit my price range.  This car fits me physically, mentally, and emotionally.
Your sales staff was respectful of my financial limitations and did not try to sell me something I could not afford.  Ken Hauser was very patient with me the six months I test drove vehicles.  When I first started looking for a Subaru my experience wasn't the greatest (with the exception of Ken Hauser), but since I have been dealing with Julius Nagy it has been a vast improvement.  Julius went out of his way to accommodate me - he even dropped off an estimate to my house at 8:30 PM one night, which turned out to be a sale the next day.  Julius listens, has a pleasant personality, and did not come across as arrogant or aggressive.  When I heard his message on his answering machine I knew I could trust him and that he was a team player.
Thank you again for selling me my car, I love it.

Mary,La Crosse Sales Team